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A collection of eight free plug-in filters for Photoshop

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The Works is a collection of eight plug-in filters for Photoshop and other compatible graphic host utilities. It provides simple yet useful effects for image processing.
The eight plug-ins that are included in the collection are: AlphaWorks, ColourWorks, EdgeWorks, EmbossWorks, MasterBlaster, Mezzy, ScreenWorks and SwapShop. AlphaWorks places focus on removing black and white values from pictures. ColourWorks, just as its name suggests it, focuses on color variation and correction. EdgeWorks is meant to offer variation on processing edges in a photo. Although Photoshop itself offers a filter for embossing, the EmbossWorks set of filters presents several ways for embossing to be applied, for example by combining it with noise or burn effects. MasterBlaster is intended to add dramatic impact to photos by modifying their colors. The Mezzy set adds film-like grain and other effects to images. ScreenWorks overlays various textures on the photos, from dots and pin-hole patterns to tire track and fabric weave effects. The last set of filters is SwapShop, whose purpose is to switch color values in a picture, allowing you for example to switch red to green or green to red or make even more complicated color switches.

All in all, The Works is an interesting collection of filters, which may not raise strong positive reactions in some users, however they are useful once you have the fine eye to choose the appropriate filter for a certain image.

Margie Smeer
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  • It is free
  • It provides a variety of filter options


  • The effects might not raise strong positive reactions in professionals in the art of photography and image processing
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